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Tabor athletes learn about hard work, positive attitude, and how to be someone others can count on, the foundations for teamwork and leadership.

他泊男孩s' 足球
他泊男孩s' 篮球
Tabor Girls' 机组人员

Select a season below:

After-School Requirement

Every student must pursue a Tabor after school activity all three seasons. Two of the three seasons, including freshman fall, must be a Tabor Team Offering.

Seawolf Sessions

Learn something new! Seawolf Sessions is the perfect way to explore interests without the pressure of a competitive season. Offering a variety of land and sea sports, including yoga, strength and conditioning, 航行, 和机组人员, Seawolf Sessions is perfect for “testing the waters.” With Seawolf Sessions, even beginners can enjoy fun, 友谊, and success in our interscholastic athletic program.